Opening a new space

I can liken this space to the “professional” journal I used to keep as a distinct space from my “personal” journal. I wanted a book in which to write my thoughts about photography, which I assumed were inconsistent with my thoughts about anything else. Someone once asked me if I was writing something about her in that photo journal, and I brashly answered that no, this is only for ideas about photography. She was perplexed and put out by the reply, and I’ve mused about it a lot in the intervening years. Now I know that photography is inextricable from my life, and vice versa. I filter so much experience through photography, and encounter so much of the world through the medium and as a result of it, that to segregate it is a vain effort. I have to work to keep photographic currents OUT of the stream of consciousness that flows through my sensorium.

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