FotoFest 2012 | Chapter VIII: Tuesday Afternoon

Leah Sobsey, Rhyolite, NV, from the series Nothing Is As It Seems link

Seeing through barriers

Inside or outside? A question that is spatial, cultural, intellectual, and emotional. Finished up my stint with some intriguing social observers and formalists.
  • Jane Paradise – a photographer I curated on the PRC web site (Not Quite Strangers on NEO, October 2010) – wanted to get my help in reconsidering that edit of her work, whether she could refocus those images on human experiences of museum spaces 
  • Frederic Weber – sick, couldn’t make it to Houston, but sent his wife with his startling, and startlingly simple, color prints that concentrate on children’s art and visions  link
  • Sylwia Kowalczyk – a Pole living in Edinborough – portraits that address ethnicity in its fine details – in doing the portraits Sylwia creates a firmer footing for herself in this very different place  link
  • Lori Pond – Lori showed the only phone camera photos I saw, which was something of a surprise – when I asked if she used Instagram, she made it clear, from a list of apps and software I’ve never heard of, that her goal is prints, not dissemination via the Internet as so many of us are – and the prints were quite fascinating, part of an attractive portfolio that addressed a variety of landscape issues  link
  • Don Glentzer – one of the most challenging portfolios I reviewed, because its insistence on the flattest of materials, like ink on glass, made the optics of his project Point of Chance as thin as a membrane  link

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