Book of the Week ~ Note no. 6


Page spread from Dirt Meridian (Damiani, 2015) via photo-eye blog post, February 11, 2016

The attached review of Andrew Moore’s profoundly moving (at least for a Midwesterner) Dirt Meridian appeared on the photo-eye blog on February 11, which makes it the perfect book for note 6, as that was a Thursday. The sixth Thursday of 2016.

I imagine this is confusing; I perplex myself, to be honest. Just hang with me and it will all make sense. Eventually.

p.s. One of my intentions in writing these weekly notes is to provide bibliographic details about each book. In particular, I want to name designers, writers, editors, and others whose contributions to the book are second only to the featured artist (or artists, though I am likely to include more monographs than group exhibition catalogues, anthologies, compendia of critical writings, or historical/topical surveys).

Also, I want to note how each book entered my life.

I have catalogued a number of books on my LibraryThing account. I’d like to import those details directly, but have yet to figure out how to accomplish that. For Moore’s book, however, you can find the details by linking here.

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