Book of the Week ~ Note no. 1, with BotW origin story


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LFL contents

Over some 35 years of acquiring books, I have seen a lot of volumes enter and leave my life. Of late, the tide is receding as books find new homes with the help of friends and various booksellers, thereby graciously making room for what feels like a steady, if diminishing, influx of new titles.

Good Reads - 2012

I’ve always wanted to spend more time with my books. Life often gets in the way. This year, I’ve made a resolution (better late than never); I want to post a weekly note about one book. Some will be about brand new titles, others about recently acquired books, and others about titles from years past, still on my shelves (or floors, bedside tables, moving boxes, etc.).

LFL contents

The notes are likely to be personal in nature, as much reflection as review. Some weeks I will simply offer a link to a review posted elsewhere. Like this first one: Jamey Stillings’ The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar. It was published on photo-eye on January 7, so it functions perfectly as the year’s first entry. Seven days into 2016 is not too early to cite a book of the week.

My nonpopular year in booksYes, I’ve some catching up to do, and those will be inserted as soon as possible. Starting this coming week, February 18 (which will be number 7 for the year), look for a new note every Thursday morning.

Here’s Book of the Week ~ Note no. 1 on the photo-eye blog

Link to Aline Smithson’s feature on Jamey Stillings on Lenscratch

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